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Tsuki-Melody Fights a Mecha-Shark by DBCDude01 Tsuki-Melody Fights a Mecha-Shark :icondbcdude01:DBCDude01 1 1 Kirby, the Quarter Guy by DBCDude01 Kirby, the Quarter Guy :icondbcdude01:DBCDude01 3 2 My Secret Santa Gift to P-D--A by DBCDude01 My Secret Santa Gift to P-D--A :icondbcdude01:DBCDude01 3 9 Winter-Colorful 89999 by DBCDude01 Winter-Colorful 89999 :icondbcdude01:DBCDude01 2 0 Down on the Dance Floor by DBCDude01 Down on the Dance Floor :icondbcdude01:DBCDude01 1 1 Hey, If I Can Walk on MY Hands... by DBCDude01 Hey, If I Can Walk on MY Hands... :icondbcdude01:DBCDude01 2 1 A Boyfriend for Chantelle by DBCDude01 A Boyfriend for Chantelle :icondbcdude01:DBCDude01 1 1 Another Day at Moonlight Mocha by DBCDude01 Another Day at Moonlight Mocha :icondbcdude01:DBCDude01 2 1 Aaron and Phoebe in the Sky by DBCDude01 Aaron and Phoebe in the Sky :icondbcdude01:DBCDude01 2 1 Meet Miranda Storch by DBCDude01 Meet Miranda Storch :icondbcdude01:DBCDude01 2 1 Like Two Sides of a Quarter...Guy by DBCDude01 Like Two Sides of a Quarter...Guy :icondbcdude01:DBCDude01 1 0 My Entry for the Winter-Colorful Contest by DBCDude01 My Entry for the Winter-Colorful Contest :icondbcdude01:DBCDude01 1 0 Chantelle Sings on the Rocks by DBCDude01 Chantelle Sings on the Rocks :icondbcdude01:DBCDude01 3 1 35000 views! by DBCDude01 35000 views! :icondbcdude01:DBCDude01 0 1 Secret Santa 2016 for Clipperwhiz1 by DBCDude01 Secret Santa 2016 for Clipperwhiz1 :icondbcdude01:DBCDude01 2 3 The Outlaw and the Moon Princess by DBCDude01 The Outlaw and the Moon Princess :icondbcdude01:DBCDude01 4 1

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Magical Knight Kailin by Winter-Colorful Magical Knight Kailin :iconwinter-colorful:Winter-Colorful 5 8 Youka Umioka for DBCDude01 by Winter-Colorful Youka Umioka for DBCDude01 :iconwinter-colorful:Winter-Colorful 4 6
Butterfae Profile DX Episode 1
Butterfae, our star of this new/rebooted saga, is doing her graceful flying about in the peaceful open fields of Avalonia.  However, it doesn't last long as she comes across something very cool and unusual – a giant college campus with neon lights and 80's style musical decorations about, with loud but catchy 80's music blaring out from there.
Our star flies over to this amazing sight ASAP and then looks up at its welcome sign, which reads the following:
Bringing out the best of music from everyone
All species are welcome – fairies, werewolves, vampires, robots, and everything else!  Come in and join the many budding rock bands to become music masters!
Being the hardcore music fan of all kinds, Butterfae flies in as fast as a bolt of lightning.  Inside the campus grounds, she looks around at her new surroundings in awe.  Many colorful buildings are about with sever
:iconwinter-colorful:Winter-Colorful 1 0
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Tsuki-Melody Fights a Mecha-Shark
I've been waiting for :iconwinter-colorful: to ask for an art trade, and here we are.  Here's my portion, since it took long enough.

Tsuki Melody is a confounding character for me, Zoey, Serena, make up your mind.  But I digress; Clippy wanted me to draw her doing two things--being a mermaid and fighting off a robotic shark.  I happened to remember Clippy making an alternate dress for Tsuki, as per a previous request, so I decided to draw her in that, shortening her dress to accomodate her tail.  And she's using her electric shocks to fight off that metal menace of the deep.  It's shocking, ain't it?

Here's to more potential art trades, Clippy! :)
Kirby, the Quarter Guy
This is a special Christmas present for :iconquartrguy:; so you know I did it just for fun.  Here it is.

What's not to love about Kirby?  That little pink puffball who sucks up enemies and takes their abilities?  Well, here's Kirby capped up as the Quarter Guy, with his own NES Zapper and a hat similar to the one QG wears.  It gets me thinking: he's done two Kirby-themed countdowns, but those were about his copy abilities.  So why not do some more of them?  In fact, with his latest game, Star Allies, coming soon, why not do an entire month's worth of them?  He did a month of Castlevania countdowns.  Merry Christmas, QG! :D

...And don't forget to SUPPORT HIS PATREON!!!
My Secret Santa Gift to P-D--A
Well, it's that time again.  :iconwinter-colorful: is holding another Secret Santa.  And this year, he's paired me up with :iconphoenix-dream--angel:.  He said he wants this to be a surprise.  Well, Phoenix, here's the surprise.

So, from what I heard, Phoenix is working on a series wrapped around fairy tales.  It's called Illusions of the Heart, and it follows Michelle as she stumbles into a fairy-tale world in search of her sister.  Hopefully, the story will have some...romantic moments, as you can see here.  We see our heroine embracing the violet-winged elf Gideon as they float in the snowy sky and share a kiss.  This will be some kind of wonderful.

Hope you enjoy the surprise!  Have a Merry Christmas, Phoenix!
Down on the Dance Floor
So, :iconwinter-colorful: and I are doing yet another five-for-five art trade, since the holidays are coming soon.  Here is the last of them.

Finally, I was able to get this done.  It's a picture of Moonlight Mocha's Trixie and Shadow boogieing down on the dance floor.  The neon lights, the groovy sounds, need I say more?

Hope you like it!
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In my first journal in over a year, I was tagged by :iconwinter-colorful: to talk about one of the eight candidates for Princess of the Summer Solstice, Brianna Light.

The Rules: 
1- Post these Rules
2- Post 8 facts about your character
3- Tag 8 other characters
4- Post their names along with their creators' avatars.
(You can tag back if you'd like, just with a different character.)

One.  At the time of her birth, her mother was a junior in college enjoying spring break at Glitter Beach; she didn't realize she was pregnant until she suspected stomach cramps.
Two.  Brianna was raised by her aunt and uncle in a quaint country village, but wanted to move somewhere close to a lake so she could learn to swim...and attend a good school district.
Three.  In her elementary school days, Brianna was such an exceptional student that some of her classmates gave her the nickname "Light Bright."  This, however, made her the subject of teasing and bullying.  If she didn't have such close friends to defend her, she would've dropped out years ago.
Four.  Ever since seeing that traumatic incident at a sea-life park when she was ten years old, sharks just freak her out.
Five.  If a family vacation involves going to the beach, a water park, or doing almost anything water-related, she'd most likely go with.
Six.  You know how Brianna's Fantasia gives her fairy wings?  Well, the last time she was involved in something with what fairies have to do, she played Wendy in her high school's adaptation of Peter Pan.
Seven.  Brianna owns a Fire tablet, which she mainly uses for watching web videos and mobile gaming; in fact, her favorite game to play on the Fire is Puzzle & Dragons.
Eight.  Brianna is fast friends with fellow Princess candidate Izumi Nakano, though that friendship may transform into a rivalry as the contest progresses...

I TAG...
:icondragonus-prime: and Nina Bulger
:iconjlj16: and Pink Heart
:iconmagical-mama: and Charlotte Page
:iconpunisher2006: and Keba
:iconwinter-colorful: and Sakura Tachibana (or parallel-world doppelganger)
:iconwinter-colorful: again, and Nye, the elven ice paladin
:iconwinter-colorful: once more, and Blossom the Butterfae
:iconquartrguy: and his "QG" persona


Matthew Strittmatter
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That's my name in Japanese. But seriously, I'm Matthew Strittmatter, known to my family and friends as the Big Dude! Come check out my gallery! No, really! CHECK IT OUT!

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